Sydney. 17. Multifandom.

I live in constant fear of what the BBC will do next.

I'm also in a very unhealthy relationship with books.

Currently Reading:
More Than This by Patrick Ness

Pivot Point by Kasie West

I had listened to hype about this book on booktube before I read this book so I expected to be blown away. I mean with a play on superpowers that wasnt the cookie cutter storyline, I was sure to enjoy this book. And to no surprise; I enjoyed it!

The superpower the main character possessed was awesome. Addie is able to look into her future (kind of like Raven Baxter) and see what the effects of a choice will make. The characters were likable and quite realistic. I found myself cracking up at the things they would say, and making a book witty and clever is difficult. The play on the classic love triangle was amazing. It was a love triangle but it wasnt at all. With Addie looking at 2 different futures that could be her’s, they both involved a boy. And by the end of the book Addie makes her choice. The ending left me emotionally scarred to sum it up and Im quite looking forward to the next book in this trilogy/ series i dont know which one it will be.

I rated it a 4/5 on goodreads.

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